Vision for a Different Way Forward

Vision for a Different Way Forward

Telecom begs (buys?) government officials – say they need more towers to “meet public demand.”

Laws are enacted to speed the build-out of towers and antennas.

Our rights are diminished, we have less of a say.

Towers come up and life moves on. 

And the cycle begins once again ad fin-i-tum.

Consumption spirals upward, while the well-being of humans, wildlife, and our precious Earth spirals downward. Profits go up, while quality of life goes down. And many of us are left longing for a taste of the way our soul knows and wants things to be.

The current and aggressive push by the Telecom industry for wireless “small” cells is much like an ambitious start-up company wanting to build a huge warehouse in the hope they will some day “grow into it”.  5g “small” cells are being put in place to “house” the hoped for massive explosion in wireless data that will be generated from the Internet of Things (IoT).  Once the infrastructure is established, the sky is the limit for what new gadgets and applications the private sector can dream up to fill the airwaves, collect our data, and dangle before a susceptible and largely, tech-addicted and unaware public.

From predictions of Artificial Intelligence surpassing and destroying humans, to health and environmental impacts worsening due to the huge increase in wireless radiation; from cyber attacks on the grid now inevitable, to the exponential increase in electronic waste as every discarded “thing” makes its way to the ranks of e-waste — The future does not look promising.

Can we forge a different path forward and write a different story?  I would like to believe we can.  But we will need to approach this from four angles simultaneously:

  1. Educate the public about the true costs of 5g and the Internet of Things


    The true costs of 5g, and its partner in crime, the IoT, include

    • Health, from the soup of harmful wireless radiation we will be immersed in 24/7, due to “small” cells, and all the Internet connected “things”, devices, appliances, sensors, machines, robots, virtual reality, and artificial intelligence…and let’s not forget microchipped humans and animals.
    • Environment, with the increasing loss of birds, bees, butterflies, and other forms of wildlife
    • Cyber Security, with estimates ranging from $6-11 trillion for the cost of trying to secure the ever changing, and impossible-to-secure IoT
    • Privacy, from every Internet connected “thing,” device, appliance, sensor, machine, robot, virtual reality, artificial intelligence, and microchipped humans and animals, collecting boatloads of our personal data to be shared with marketers, government, and law enforcement
    • Energy consumption, where the footprint from energy needed to produce and run all these wireless IoT products and platforms, will likely exceed the hoped for, and hyped about, energy saving technologies the IoT promises
    • E-waste, much of which is sent to the far East or Africa where it pollutes the air, water, and ground of remote villages, and where workers earn a dismal day’s pay by dismantling our toxic e-waste largely with the use of crude tools or by hand
    • Conflict minerals, which are used in nearly all our technology, and in the last 20 years, have contributed to the death of 5-6 million men, women and children from the Democratic Republic of Congo
    • Effects on our brains and humanity, with suicide rates, depression, anxiety, autism, and ADHD now reaching epidemic proportions due to both the radiation exposure and excessive screen-time use.
    • Ethics – Could something be awry that we are now considering a new human rights law to “remain natural, i.e. ‘merely’ biological and organic”?
    • Job loss, with predictions as high as 50% job loss due to the IoT
    • Decline in property value – would YOU want to buy a house with a cell tower beaming radiation through the bedroom window?
  2. Cultivate the sweet point of satiation


    There is a three-word phrase from the Hebrew Grace after meals that religious Jews recite after eating a full meal: “V’achalta, v’savata, ou v’rachta,” which roughly translates as “And you shall eat, and you shall be satiated, and you shall bless.”  We must reawaken and cultivate in ourselves the notion of sweet satiation – the place of just enough not one ounce too much, nor one iota too little…but perfectly enough. Then as we go about our days “consuming” food, experiences, relationships, and all that life has to offer, we may feel less of an urge to take more than we need.

  3. Redefine “progress”


    As we settle into the sweet point of satiation, our notion of progress can then gently find its way from more, faster, bigger and new, to kinder, more abiding, deeper, and more fulfilling.

  4. Know there are safer and more wholesome alternatives


    We can envision a better tomorrow than what industry is offering us today.  Fiber is faster, safer, consumes about 25 times less energy, and is far more cyber secure than wireless.  If we shift to using Fiber for the vast majority of our Internet and Telecommunications needs – thus relegating cellphones to short, on-the-go communications, and emergency response where needed – we will be removing or lessening the impacts of almost all the downsides of 5g and the IoT.  By so doing, we not only protect ourselves, our families, and our environment, but we will get the added benefit of becoming reacquainted with ourselves, others, and the present moment.

    If we stay the course and demand safe technology, industry and government will have no choice but to deliver.  And we will once again reclaim our treasured and sacred inheritance of true connection and Presence.

Blog post by Kate Kheel  
September 21st, 2017 

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Postcard Avalanche to Stop SB 649

Postcard Avalanche to Stop SB 649

Update:  SB 649 passed out of the House and was sent back to the Senate for a final vote on the amended version.  Since SB 649 also passed out of the Senate, it will now go to Governor Brown for signing. Letters, emails and calls should pour into Governor Jerry Brown’s Office within the next few days.

We are having a Post Card Campaign at the Ecology Center Booth at the Berkeley Farmer’s Market this Saturday. \Don’t have time to send a postcard?  We can send one for you, please email us back – There’s a coordinated social media campaign, asking folks to take pics of their postcards and post using #STOP SB 649 to further amplify the avalanche.

Action Steps

Please write a Letter to the Editor!  Recent articles include:

Sample Post Cards to Governor Jerry Brown:

1) Stop SB 649!  SB 649 is a project from ALEC, the American Legislative Exchange Council, an organization for corporate advantage over what is good for the public.

2)The CA state Dept of Finance does not approve of SB 649, nor do 300 local cities in California as it overturns local governance in favor of corporate control.

3) SB 649 impacts climate change and energy consumption – – Wireless technology consumes more energy than wired — fiber optics, cable, etc. See

4) SB 649 ruins aesthetics in California.   Teamsters are opposed and might pull the film industry out of state. Please retweet!  “We view this bill as a full assault on local democracy!” Barry Broad, Teamsters Public Affairs Council #NoOnSB649

5) SB 649 protects industry not health. Harmful effects of RF-EMF fields are already proven. A large number of peer-reviewed scientific reports show harm to human health including increased cancer and deaths around cell towers — subsequently when cell towers are removed, studies show that the death rate returns to normal levels. The US National Toxicology Program (NTP) shows an increase in incidents of brain and heart cancer in animals exposed to EMF.

6) Firefighters got an exemption from cell towers on their building, after facing neurological symptoms and other health problems — what about our most vulnerable populations such as children?

7) More than 180 scientists and doctors from 35 countries, recommend a moratorium on the roll-out of the fifth generation, 5G, for telecommunication until potential hazards for human health and the environment have been fully investigated by scientists independent from industry.

8) SB 649 creates unsafe working conditions for utility workers.  SB 649 antennas will be placed on utility poles, and utility workers will be exposed all day up close.

After asking Gov. Brown to veto SB 649, what else can you do?  Post a link to this website on your Facebook page, your Twitter feed or your Instagram account. Together we can protect the health and safety of all Californians!  Thank you taking a moment to do this, and for taking a stand on this important issue!

URGENT!  TAKE ACTION                          Submit COMPLAINT to CA Attorney General and Governor | Demand VETO on SB649

URGENT! TAKE ACTION Submit COMPLAINT to CA Attorney General and Governor | Demand VETO on SB649


(Links to Complaint forms below)

To stop SB649 from becoming a law, we need to make a formal complaint to the CA Attorney General whose job it is to inform the Governor regarding the legality of legislation, uphold the law, and protect our rights. This complaint demands that the Governor VETO SB649 based on several legal grounds.

Below are clear instructions.  Please print the form; fill it out; and either fax it, or online-fax it* (instructions below) as soon as possible. Unfortunately, the Governor does not provide an email only a fax number.

If you have a question, please contact Brenda at 310-458-8886 or email her at

We need a mass of complaints to be submitted to the Governor and Attorney General (see more information about the complaint below).

IMPORTANT – We expect the Governor to sign SB649 soon. Thus we need to submit these complaints immediately. PLEASE try to fax these complaints to the Governor and AG as soon as possible – ideally by Monday, September 18th.  

PLEASE contact any person you know in CA to do the same. This is IMPORTANT. Let’s make this happen!!

Thank you,

Kevin Mottus                      



Step 1:

Choose the complaint that most closely applies to you.  

  1. Person Sick with Electro-Sensitivity – Complaint to Governor and Attorney General
  2. Person Sick with Cancer – Complaint to Governor and Attorney General
  3. Person Not Yet Sick from Wireless – Complaint to Governor and Attorney General

Step 2:

Complete your personal information in Section 1.

Step 3:

Complete your sickness information (if applicable) in Section 2.

Step 4:

Print the form and sign it.

Step 5:

Fax the Complaint to the Governor and the AG.

Fax completed form to the Governor: (916) 558 3160

Fax completed form to the Attorney General: (916) 445 6749

The Governor does not have an email address. He does not want to make it easy for you to give him feedback. Please make the effort to fax him your complaint.

* Fax Online for Free using:

Or find a fax in hotels, office depot, Staple, Fed-Ex Office, UPS store, Mail-Box Etc (if you do not have one).

Please keep a copy of your complaint for your records.

Step 6:

Please save and email us a copy of your Complaint (no need for signature) so we can follow-up with the Governor and the Attorney General – (Email Brenda:  If the form is hand-written, and it is difficult for you to scan, please email your contact info and to let us know that you submitted the Complaint and your contact information.

 Have a Questions?

Contact Brenda at 310-458-8886 or email her at if you have a question.

 Further explanation and background for the Complaint:

 SB649 is ILLEGAL. It violates the Constitutional Rights of every resident of California, essentially legalizes Criminal Assault and violates the Disability rights of those who already have become sick from wireless radiation. It is also illegal and discriminatory because of the exemption to fire stations/fighters. We should demand that our rights be protected.

It is the Role of the Governor and especially that of the State Attorney General to protect the rights, health and safety of the residents of their state and uphold the law. We need to demand that they comply with their legal responsibilities and the law.

This complaint explains why SB649 is illegal and how it would harm people and why it should not become law. Please fill out this form to demand that the CA Governor VETO SB649 and the Attorney General protect our rights and uphold the law, and if it becomes law challenge SB649.




California – Sept. 15th, 2017:

California Senate Bill (SB 649) which would facilitate the proliferation of cell towers throughout the state, passed out of both the Senate and the House, and is headed for the Governor’s office to be signed into law.  If the Governor Jerry Brown signs the bill, local communities will lose their right to block the installation of cell towers and will end up with a small cell in front of every 1-6 homes.  

Although over 300 cities or municipalities in California have voiced strong opposition to SB 649, the majority of the legislators voted in favor of the bill, in some cases, completely going against the voiced opposition of their constituents.  

Please send a FAX to Governor Jerry Brown’s office – even if you do not live in California – and plead with him to uphold democracy and represent the will of the people of California and not the Telecom Industry.  Fax: (916) 558-3160

Message from Arthur Firstenburg on The Invisible Rainbow: A History of Electricity and Life

Message from Arthur Firstenburg on The Invisible Rainbow: A History of Electricity and Life

Dear Friends,
After I sent out my last newsletter (almost two years ago), warning about plans to WiFi the earth from space, I dedicated myself to publishing my life’s work, The Invisible Rainbow: A History of Electricity and Life. After much difficulty, the book was finally released on Earth Day of this year. It is “easy to read, hard to put down, sublimely poetic, and scientifically rigorous,” says architect Jennifer Wood. “A mind-blower,” writes psychologist and author Chellis Glendinning.
If you have not yet read it, this book is different. It will alter the landscape surrounding our issue and make it possible for legislators and judges to change course. Although it has been selling well in our circles, it now needs to come to the attention of the mainstream press and the medical and scientific establishments, worldwide. I am meeting with a publicist later today. In light of what is happening (see below), the publicity campaign is essential and urgent. It will cost money; please donate what you can on our website: Unless we win not only hearts, but minds, of ordinary people, we will win some skirmishes but lose the war. And the stakes are far too high and too imminent.
Smart everything, but…
My colleagues around the world — the small dispersed cadre of activists fighting desperately to prevent 5G from breaking out everywhere — are working tirelessly, without enough support and with precious little money, to educate members of Congress and members of Parliament, who are just as addicted to wireless technology as their constituents. 5G, for those who don’t yet know, is the two-letter word for an audacious plan to “educate” everything you own and buy: expect “smart” cities, “smart” cars, “smart” businesses, “smart” homes,” “smart” clothing, “smart” hairbrushes, “smart” milk cartons, and “smart” diapers.
In the U.S., industry organizations like the CTIA and the Wireless Infrastructure Association are intensely lobbying Congress and state and local governments to abolish all zoning laws that regulate antennas and towers. The number of wireless sites needed for 5G is mind-boggling, with experts predicting a small cell tower on every block in every city, others predicting cell sites in most buildings, and some predicting ten billion cell sites in the world in just a few years.
Three bills are pending in Congress to facilitate this: S.19 (the “MOBILE NOW Act”), S.88 (the DIGIT Act), and S.1682 (the AIRWAVES Act). Eleven states have already passed laws abolishing zoning regulations for small cell towers in the public rights-of-way: Iowa, Colorado, Kansas, Texas, Arizona, Indiana, Minnesota, Florida, Virginia, Delaware and North Carolina. Similar bills are pending in California, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island and Wisconsin. A similar bill became law just last week here in Santa Fe, New Mexico (see below).
Although the 5G standard has not even been released yet, Verizon is already testing a pilot version of it in eleven cities: Ann Arbor, Atlanta, Bernardsville, Brockton, Dallas, Denver, Houston, Miami, Sacramento, Seattle, and Washington, DC. Chinese telecom giant Huawei, together with Telus, has already achieved speeds of 30 gigabits per second in Vancouver, British Columbia, and Bell and Nokia have achieved high speeds in the 73 GHz frequency range in Mississauga, Ontario.
And for those who are still under the illusion that fiber optics is a substitute for wireless, the wireless industry itself is investing billions in fiber: it is the only way they will be able to build a 5G network with fast enough speeds. Telus, for example, is investing one billion dollars on fiber in Vancouver alone in order to support the necessary wireless speeds.
Don’t forget about the satellites!
The threat from space, even though it is actually greater than the threat from 5G on the ground, is still not much discussed, even in our circles. In part, this is because everyone is so occupied with preventing zoning regulations from being abolished and antennas from sprouting outside their front doors. But in part, it is because outer space is still out of mind and few scientists, let alone the public, understand the grave implications of having ten thousand microwave antennas directly in the magnetosphere. See chapter 9 (“Earth’s Electric Envelope”) and chapter 17 (“In the Land of the Blind”) of my book.
OneWeb’s first 720 satellites were approved by the FCC in June. So many satellites are being contemplated by so many companies that NASA is partnering with private industry to create orbiting factories that will manufacture satellites on a continuous basis in space using 3-D printers.
Efforts to get this issue before the United Nations have been fruitless up to now, but they must continue.
Fiasco, and opportunity, in Santa Fe
Last week, the Santa Fe City Council faced down more than 150 angry citizens and unanimously passed its own 5G ordinance, 9-0. Verizon, AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, and their contractors and vendors, are salivating. It is a calamity, and an opportunity. In addition to all the fundamental issues that exist elsewhere — health, safety, environment, due process, free speech, etc. — there were numerous violations of procedure having to do with ethics and conflicts of interest. The Mayor’s mother and two brothers own several radio and cell towers. The wife of one of the bills’s sponsors, who is also the person who made the motion to pass it, is a telecom lawyer. The City Attorney was caught in a number of lies. Some of you have seen the email that I sent out last Thursday to my Santa Fe list. We also have issues of historic preservation: Santa Fe is America’s oldest capital and second oldest city, and the entire downtown area and its surroundings consists of historic districts. Well, this bill also makes cell towers in the public rights-of-way exempt from our historic preservation ordinance.
As soon as the minutes are adopted next Wednesday, the bill becomes law. We are preparing a lawsuit, and when we go to court, we are prepared to challenge the constitutionality of section 704 of the federal Telecommunications Act, which prohibits the regulation of cell towers on the basis of health. A local radio host said before the vote that section 704 should be overturned, and that Santa Fe could be ground zero for a legal challenge if this bill passed. Again, this will require money.
Donations are needed for both projects that I have discussed in this email: paying a publicist, and paying our lawyers. Anyone who can assist us with fundraising for either or both projects, please contact me immediately. Donations can be made on the Cellular Phone Task Force’s website (see link, above). Or, checks can be sent to:
Cellular Phone Task Force
P. O. Box 6216
Santa Fe, NM 87502
Anyone who can assist with these campaigns in any way, please email or (better) call me.
Arthur Firstenberg
(505) 471-0129