E-waste – discarded electronics – is another outrage that results from our 21st century vision of progress. This 25 minute video documentary gives us a glimpse into the lives of workers, many of whom are young children, whose job it is to dismantle our used electronics.

The video also shows how toxins from our electronic products leach into the food and water of the workers’ community, and reveals the extreme toxic exposures that permeate their lives.

What will happen when the Internet of Things produces orders of magnitude more e-waste?  With the IoT, household items such as washing machines, mattresses, tea kettles, and plant waterers etc.would all join the ranks of e-waste – their demise hastened yet further by more attractive “up-to-date” IoT “things,” or the need to be replaced due to more cyber insecurities.

Who in the IoT world is even talking about E-Waste, and how did such a bad idea as the IoT ever catch on? – Health, privacy, cyber security, impacts on wildlife, huge energy consumption, conflict minerals, effects on our brains and humanity etc.- and what for? Smart diapersrobots to raise our children, and the like?