Cell Tower for Harmful and Easily Hacked Wireless Communications

Fiber Optics for Safe and Secure Wired Communications

All Internet access and telecommunications can be achieved through wired connections – fiber optics or coaxial cables (and copper wires for phone). Wired connections are far faster, vastly safer for humans and wildlife, and hugely more protective against cyber attacks. The ONLY benefit of wireless connectivity is that you can move about while using the Internet or talking on the phone – a questionable benefit due to our tendency to multitask and to be so “cyber-connected” that “real life” passes us by.

Instead of wireless connections, fiber optics and coaxial cable are far wiser choices as the primary mode for connecting to the Internet and for extended telephone communications. Since people spend most of their time either at work or at home, the majority of phone conversations and online time – video streaming and other Internet use – could be reserved for times when people have access to a hard-wired Internet connection and/or a corded landline. If all homes, offices and other workplaces such as hospitals, were equipped with hard-wired phone and Internet connections, this would be possible.

Smart phones and other wireless devices would be used as a secondary mode for Internet and telephone communications, reserved primarily for quick, on-the-go communications, text messages, or emergencies.

Such a digital “culture” would have the added benefit of significantly reducing energy consumption, as well as better protecting our health, cyber security, privacy, the environment…and most importantly, our humanity.