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“Concern for man himself and his fate must always form the chief interest of all technical endeavors…in order that the creations of our minds shall be a blessing and not a curse to mankind.” – Albert Einstein, California Institute of Technology, February 16, 1931
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This website was first launched in early 2017. Since then, technology and the world have changed dramatically.

By 2016, people could connect with one another 24/7 through the internet and smart phones both at home and when on the go. The next horizon industry saw for expansion and profit was to connect every “thing” and “event” to the internet — thus the introduction of 5G, aka the 5th generation wireless technology.

Since then, the insatiable appetite of the wireless industry and the “powers that be” has expanded to include the heavens and the oceans.

This website gives a brief overview of all domains being targeted by untested and non consentual wireless expansion —

The website also delineates nine areas of harm that ubiquitous wireless connectivity and the internet of thing (IoT) will adversely impact. These are:

There is also a section on wired technology that is far safer, more cyber secure, energy efficient and reliable than wireless.

5G, Data, and Artificial Intelligence

Whereas initially it was unclear how the data gathered by all these internet-connected things would be used, it soon became clear the data would be used for artificial Intelligence aka AI. AI offered a powerful tool for both the military and law enforcement, and much promised economic gain to industry. Much to the chagrin of many of us who neither gave consent nor were consulted, the world is rapidly morphing into a digitalized, radiation-saturated, surveillance, militarized, AI, technology-infested world.

Is Technology Bad?

Similar to most other tools we have developed, technology can be used for good or for bad. Technology, if used safely and wisely, can enhance our lives by allowing us to connect with, understand, and offer assistance to our global family. But the exaggerated push to wireless by industry, governments, and the media, profiteering off covid measures while ignoring the robust science warning of harms from wireless, is ill-advised, to say the least.

Thankfully, the burgeoning movement among humanity toward greater understanding of our interconnectedness with all living beings and systems, may help us find more balanced ways to integrate technology safely and sanely into our world, for the well-being of all life, rather than for the profit of a few.

After looking through this website, you may feel moved to help raise awareness in your community about the harms of ubiquitous connectivity. Or perhaps you will choose to forgo a cellphone or to hardwire your home to keep your family safer. Any and all changes toward wiser and more balanced use of technology will help.

May each one of us find a niche within the safe tech movement or within another similar movement, where we can contribute toward healing ourselves, wildlife, and our beloved planet. A place where our personal talents can be most effective in helping steer us toward a wiser and more life-affirming future.



5G refers to the “5th generation” wireless technology. Its intended purpose is to provide faster and higher capacity transmissions to carry the massive amount of data that industry projects will be generated from the Internet of Things (IoT)smart cities, driverless carsvideo streamingMetaverseaugmented/virtual reality, the internet of bodiesFacial Recognition Technology and other biometric dataDigital IDs, the internet of animalsinternet of mindssmart dust, and likely more.

The plan is for 5G to include the higher millimeter wave (MMW) frequencies never before used for Internet and Telecommunications technology. These waves do not travel well through buildings, so according to industry, 5G will require millions of new so-called “small cells” aka Wireless Telecommunications Facilities (WTFs). Around the world, the wireless industry is aggressively seeking to outfit lampposts and utility poles with microwave antennas beaming hazardous radiation into our communities and homes, 24/7.

5G cell tower antennas will be supplemented by and integrated with both space-based communications systems aka satellites, an ocean full of technology, and the militaryThousands of new satellites are being launched, and sensors are being placed throughout our oceans to ensure that every inch of the planet is sufficiently irradiated to support ubiquitous high speed wireless connectivity.

In light of the robust and ever growing independent science showing adverse health effects from radiofrequency/microwave radiation, the densification of our homes, communities, skies and oceans with wireless technology may prove to be a very ill-conceived idea.


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