.Cece Doucette – PSA: S.19 5G and S. 88 IoT Hazardous to Public Health
(For information specific to Senate Bills S19 and S88, start at 2:50)

S 19 – “MOBILE NOW Act” PASSED IN THE SENATE BY UNANIMOUS CONSENT AND HAS BEEN “RECEIVED” IN THE HOUSE.  https://www.congress.gov/bill/115th-congress/senate-bill/19 

 S 19 lays the foundation for 5G Network that will require a small cell transmitter every couple of homes emitting high frequency 24Ghz to 90Ghz wireless radiation. These transmitters will be put in public right of ways EXEMPT FROM ENVIRONMENTAL, HEALTH, OR SAFETY REVIEW.  These transmitters will expose occupants to harmful wireless radiation so that you can download movies faster wirelessly, your IoT appliances and devices can communicate with one another (which does not seem like a necessity), you will be far more vulnerable to hacking, and your privacy can be violated even more easily.
1. Please call all Federal level Congress people and urge them to vote NO on this bill.  
2. Please Forward this link to everyone you know and post on social media.
For more information on Bill S.19, click on the links in the Table of Contents below:
S.19: Mobile Now Act (a) Short Title.—This Act may be cited as the “Making Opportunities for Broadband Investment and Limiting Excessive and
Needless Obstacles to Wireless Act” or the “MOBILE NOW Act”.
Table Of Contents.—The table of contents of S.19 is as follows: