(This is a generic 4G/5G flyer to be adapted to the needs of your community. Flyer can be posted around town, left at stores or other businesses, handed out at meetings or by going door to door. It can also be affixed as a poster near the future site of 4G/5G cells or antennas.)

Flyer can fit 2 to a page – front and back – on an 8.5 X 11″ page.  The  image of the small cells may be used as well although color printing is more costly.  


Approved by –—– City Council,

(date approved)

Right-of-way near –— Street

Permit application #——-

Developer: ———

These microwave antennas will be mounted on the utility pole near ______ St. More antennas can be added later by different companies.

These are called “small cells” and will be installed throughout the city on utility poles for 5G. 5G is a new level of radiation exposure using higher and more powerful frequencies.

Cancer clusters occur around cell towers up to ¼ mile away. Independent research shows this radiation causes DNA damage, cancers and tumors, cellular stress, blood-brain barrier disruption, altered hormones, changes in the blood, abnormal heart rhythms, altered brainwaves, neurological damage, problems with memory and concentration, migraines, insomnia, low birth weights, links to Alzheimer’s, ADHD, and stroke, as well as impacts to wildlife. The U.S. National Toxicology Program found after 2 years of cell phone radiation exposure, 1 in 12 male rats developed malignant brain tumors, malignant heart tumors, and precancerous lesions.

Research on 5G frequencies shows the sweat ducts absorb high levels of this radiation; these frequencies are used by the military’s active denial system which causes excruciating burning sensations. The U.S. has some of the highest exposure limits for wireless radiation in the world; other countries allow 1/10 or 1/100 of what the U.S. allows.

If you didn’t know about this project, it’s because some cities only notify land owners on projects, not renters or business tenants.

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