California – Sept. 15th, 2017:

California Senate Bill (SB 649) which would facilitate the proliferation of cell towers throughout the state, passed out of both the Senate and the House, and is headed for the Governor’s office to be signed into law.  If the Governor Jerry Brown signs the bill, local communities will lose their right to block the installation of cell towers and will end up with a small cell in front of every 1-6 homes.  

Although over 300 cities or municipalities in California have voiced strong opposition to SB 649, the majority of the legislators voted in favor of the bill, in some cases, completely going against the voiced opposition of their constituents.  

Please send a FAX to Governor Jerry Brown’s office – even if you do not live in California – and plead with him to uphold democracy and represent the will of the people of California and not the Telecom Industry.  Fax: (916) 558-3160