Please see the message at the link below from Ronald M. Powell (retired U.S. Government scientist; Ph.D., Applied Physics, Harvard University) to Federal, State, and Local Governments, and Communities urging them to oppose the expansion of cellular technology, especially 5G, on health grounds.


The proponents of expanding cellular technology, especially the new Fifth Generation (5G) of cellular technology, are endeavoring to use each level of government to bar lower levels of government, as well as communities and individuals, from resisting the installation of 5G cell towers right in front of homes and businesses, including yours.  This one-page document explains why you should oppose this assault on local rule on health grounds.  The footnotes point to sources of additional information.


Message from Ronald M. Powell, Ph.D. —  Please Oppose 5G –

Links to the two Documents by Ronald M. Powell cited in footnotes in his message. 

Why We Should Oppose 5G on Health Grounds –

The Health Argument against Cell Phones and Cell Towers –