The April 20th rally outside the FCC was spirited and filled with lots creativity and pizzazz, as you can see from the sampling of pictures – colorful signs, handouts, filming, singing, and much conversing with FCC people as they walked into work as well as with passers by. Among those rallying were a Greenbank EMS survivor, a “bee” (5g will drastically impact bees and other pollinators), a young child, some long time activists, as well as a number of newcomers to the cause. Many thanks to all those who made the effort to come as well as to those who sent positive energy and thoughts our way!

What was made ever so clear was that the Wireless Telecom Industry is aggressively pressuring the FCC, our federal legislators, as well as our state representatives to pass legislation, erase bylaws, do whatever they can (and cannot!) to remove hurdles – or as they say “impediments” – in order to deploy this CR$P in our communities and our yards AS FAST AND AS CHEAPLY AS POSSIBLE. It was also very evident that the FCC is chomping at the bit to help. And if the industry succeeds, we, the people, will be screwed (excuse the language)!

And yet, Commissioner Clyburn had the gall to state in her Concurring Statement, “In the end, it is the American consumer who will benefit from our efforts,” adding that consumers are “ever most in mind when I make decisions.”

Convinced of the fallacy of Clyburn’s statement, after the meeting, a few of us set out to do some short video interviews of a passers-by outside the Supreme Court to find out what their real thoughts and feelings were about 5g and the IoT. As we suspected, with the small sampling of people we interviewed, most didn’t know what 5g and the IoT were, and when informed, stated unequivocally they had NO interest in these. (Reasons varied.) We hope to put together a short video clip that will illustrate the wireless industry and the FCC’s gross misrepresentation of the wishes and what’s in the best interest of the American people.

After the rally a few of us tried to take a picture in front of the entrance to the FCC. The FCC guards informed us we would not be allowed to do so with our signs and T-shirts. One guard even told the “bee” that she would have to remove her mask for a picture – “No bees allowed at the FCC,” she was told. Pretty outrageous for sure!! Clearly, we have a lot of work ahead of us to change the “no bee” policies the FCC is forging, as well as the complete bulldozing of our rights to be informed and weigh in about 5g, driverless cars, and the Internet of Things.

A lot was accomplished at the rally as well as the following day when the “pesky bee” returned to the FCC for the Broadband Deployment Advisory Committee (BDAC) launching.

We will follow up with a blog post soon with a summary report on the proceedings, and suggested ways forward.

Meanwhile please take a moment to read the following remarks by the three Commissioners:

Following are links to the remarks of the 3 FCC Commissioners on the proceeding Accelerating Wireless Broadband Deployment by Removing Barriers to Infrastructure Investment – April 20th meeting. |Commissioner Pai | Commissioner Clyburn |Commissioner O’Rielly

And below are links to the remarks of the 3 FCC Commissioners from the Initial Meeting of the Broadband Deployment Advisory Committee – April 21st.

(If anyone is planning a rally elsewhere and would like to use the T-shirts or signs from the FCC rally, please contact us at