Following are links to an assortment of letters and assorted other documents from organizations and experts opposing 5G and/or California’s small cell bill, SB 649.

International EMF Scientist Appeal (to FCC re 5G small cells)

Appeal for a Moratorium on 5G

International Society of Doctors for the Environment

Letter from Ronald M. Powell to Montgomery County Council; Tragically, Small Cell Towers are about Life and Death

Ronald M. Powell Ph.D. (re 5G small cells)

Scientists Appeal to the European Union re 5G

Dr. Devra Davis from Environmental Health Trust (SB 649)

Beatrice Alexandra Golomb, MD, PhD Professor of Medicine
UC San Diego School of Medicine (SB 649)

Ronald N. Kostoff to Montgomery County Council on Small Cells on Their Responsibility to Protect Public Rights and Not Hide Behind Federal Laws That Can Harm Us

Ronald N. Kostoff to Montgomery County Council on Small Cells

Comments by Ronald N. Kostoff on Maryland’s SB 1188 and HB 1767

Cell Tower Hypocrisy: Rescuing Firefighters Not Kids by Susan Foster (Open letter to Gov. Jerry Brown of California) 

Sierra Club (SB 649)

Environmental Working Group (EWG) (SB 649)

California AARP (SB 649)

Bruce Kushnick | Open Letter to California about SB-649: You’re being Played by ALEC & AT&T Et Al.

Martin Pall, PhD (SB 649)

Alliance of Nurses for Healthy Environments (SB 649)

EMF Safety Network and the Ecological Options Network (SB 649)

Letter From The Marin Council Of Mayors And Council Members Opposing Sb 649

Letter To Mayor Gonzales, City Councilors And City Attorney Kelley Brennan Concerning City’s Liability With Prow-Mounted Cellular Antennas

Stephanie Chen, Energy & Telecommunications Policy Director | The Greenlining Institute (SB 649) 

Editorial Boards of CA Newspapers Are Opposed to SB 649

Susan Foster, U.S. Adviser, Radiation Research Trust Honorary Firefighter, San Diego Fire Department Medical Writer

California Department of Finance – Bill Analysis | Finance opposes SB 649 Joins Cities

Opposing SB 649: Measure Cuts Off Local Oversight of Mini and Micro Cell Sites

Harry V. Lehmann, Attorney (Jan. 2018)

Harry V. Lehmann, Attorney (SB 649)  (2017)

Peter R. Harvey, NASA Engineer rebukes Piedmont City Council for accepting Crown Castle’s small cells and not protecting the children and other residents of Piedmont.

Maryland PTA Writes Letter In Opposition To A “Small Cell” Near The School Citing The EMF Scientists Appeal To The United Nations And The Maryland State Children’s Environmental Health And Protection Advisory Councils Recommendation To Reduce Children’s Radiofrequency Exposure.

Montgomery County [Maryland] Executive, Isiah Leggett Reports On “Meeting With The Fcc To Discuss Microtowers And Small Cell Wireless Issues.”

Please Initiate and Investigation and VETO SB 649 –  Laura Allred