WALL OF SHAME – Photo Gallery of “Small” Cells

(Please note these images are mostly 4G so-called “small cell” Telecommunications facilities as 5G is still in the beginning stages. Many of these 4G facilities are slated to be transitioned to 5G if 5G ever pans out. Furthermore, the only way to know for certain if a “small cell” is 4G or 5G is by measuring the frequencies using a spectrum analyzer that includes millimeter wave frequencies – which most people cannot afford as they are very expensive.)

Although marketed as “small cells,” they are in fact quite large. The wireless telecom industry misleads politicians and the public by claiming that “small” cells are the size of “one small pizza box.”  As it turns out, when actually measured, small cells equal 30 extra large pizza boxes and 60 small pizza boxes. (Please note that Dominoes pizza boxes were used for these calculations – Figures may vary when using other brands of pizza.)

Although marketed as “small cells” these Wireless Telecommunications Facilities (WTFs) come with a power supply – potentially as large as a refrigerator – that contains nickel cadmium or lithium ion batteries; rectifiers to change the signal from AC to DC; and one or more computers. So-called “small” cells may also include an array of associated equipment such as a noisy cooling fan, a smart meter, and a radio base station and radio transmitters. To top this all off, a cell antenna mounted atop the pole completes the eyesore.

Although marketed as “small cells,” these Wireless Telecommunications Facilities can weigh up to 300 pounds which may prove disastrous in the event of a car crashing into a pole potentially downing the 300 pound “small cell”. Additionally, in the event of a crash, the nickel cadmium battery might spew molten metal up to 50 feet in all directions.This highly toxic waste would also leak into gutters and seep into the water supply. 

The fact is, no safety testing has been done on these microwave antennas deployed throughout our neighborhoods.

Fiber optic cables to every home and business would eliminate all these problems and would be far superior to wireless for most all our Internet and telecommunications technology. When comparing fiber optics to wireless transmissions, Ronald M. Powell, Ph.D. states:

“Fiber optics are safe, fast, reliable, and far more cyber-secure and energy efficient.”

“The wireless networks of the future will look very different, Instead of tall towers you can see from a mile away, there will be small cells – wireless access points you might not even see and/or could hold in your hands. With this ‘densification’ of so-called 5G networks, we’ll need to deploy millions of small cells in order to realize the promise of multi-gigabit connectivity through millimeter-wave technology.” FCC Chair, Ajit Pai | March 30th, 2017

(Please feel free to use any of the images included in this post in your efforts to oppose “small” cells.  If an image has an attribution posted beneath it, please include that as well.)