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During the past six years, PA House Consumer Affairs Committee Chairman Robert Godshall, whose son Grey works as a Project Manager for Exelon/PECO, has prevented numerous AMI Smart Meter Opt-out bills introduced from EVEN being called to the floor for a vote! In essence, Chairman Godshall has prevented Pennsylvanians from exercising their constitutional rights to redress government for what citizens feel are harsh and threatening issues created by the PA PUC’s erroneous interpretation of HB2200/Act 129 (2008) affecting personal health, property safety and privacy rights from the mandated imposition of AMI Smart Meters for electric, natural gas and water utility services.

Chairman Godshall must be sanctioned and/or forced to recuse himself from chairing the current opt-out bills [HB1564, HB1565, and HB1566] before the 2017-18 legislative session in Harrisburg.

Furthermore, the PA state legislature and the PA Attorney General must undertake a thorough and independent investigation of Chairman Godshall’s constitutional-contradictory actions in preventing opt-out bills from being enacted when, in fact, he is on public record published to the contrary during discussion of HB2200 wherein Godshall said,

“In this case are we not taking the choice away from the consumer by saying you have to put this in service in your district rather than you may or you have a choice? Are we not saying that you must do it? We are taking that choice away from the consumer, I believe, and I would have no problem with this if we do it on a choice basis, as you used the word “choice” before. We are taking that choice away.”

       Source:  February 11, 2008 as published in PA House Journal PN 3218, page 390

Who changed Godshall’s mind? PA state legislators must correct the untenable and even life-threatening situations Godshall’s DELIBERATE and apparently devious actions have created for hundreds of thousands of Pennsylvanians, many of whom suffer with electromagnetic hypersensitivity (EHS) or idiopathic environmental intolerance (IEI), as the medical profession calls it, cancers, heart patients whose pacemakers are impacted electronically by AMI SMs’ microwaves, autistic children who are impacted more dramatically than healthy children, plus a host of other health issues the American Academy of Environmental Medicine states are impacted/affected by EMFs/RFs as listed on their website .

Consumer Action Plan

All Pennsylvanians should be inundating their members of the PA House (General Assembly) in Harrisburg demanding the following sanctioning actions be taken against Chairman Robert Godshall:

  1. Impeachment for interfering with Pennsylvanians’ constitutional rights; and

  2. Forced recusal for Chairman Robert Godshall from chairing the House Consumer Affairs Committee legislative actions regarding AMI SM bills HB1564, HB1565, and HB1566.

No More AMI Smart Meter Lies

Harrisburg state agencies and legislators offices have been known to say that consumers are not complaining about the AMI Smart Meters! That’s an unmitigated, bald-face lie! With the above Consumer Action Plan working its way through the offices, committees and halls of the PA state legislature General Assembly, legislators will know just how much Pennsylvanians care; want their constitutional rights respected; and receive an AMI SM opt-out bill passed immediately, if not sooner.

PA Legislators Co-sponsoring HB1564: Sponsors 29

The Honorable Mike,
The Honorable Karen,
The Honorable Rosemary M. Brown<>,
The Honorable Vanessa,
The Honorable George,
The Honorable Joe,
The Honorable Matt,
The Honorable Mark M.,
The Honorable Seth M.,
The Honorable Adam,
The Honorable Kristin,
The Honorable R. Lee,
The Honorable Rob W.,
The Honorable John A.,
The Honorable Daryl D.,
The Honorable Carl Walker,
The Honorable Brett R.,
The Honorable Bernie O’,
The Honorable Jason,
The Honorable Joseph A.,
The Honorable Tina,
The Honorable Harry,
The Honorable Greg,
The Honorable Rick,
The Honorable Curtis G.,
The Honorable Craig T.,
The Honorable Justin M.,
The Honorable Judy,
The Honorable Ryan,

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